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Here's Our Story - And We're Sticking To It!

about usStop Falling Productions started out as a ski company that sold ski shirts and ski tapes.

The ski tapes were designed to teach people how to ski in three different stages. Sarah Hedrick, president of Stop Falling, soon noticed that the ski shirts were selling better than the tapes. Apparently people really do prefer to fall down.

In 1994, Sarah decided to focus on shirts exclusively. She found out about conferences in January of 1995, and began booking every one. During that time, Stop Falling included conferences on music, math, science, pre-school, library, and reading. Since then, the company has navigated to solely concentrate on attending library and reading conferences.

Stop Falling Productions now attends a multitude of library and reading conferences from coast to coast, as well as being available on the internet 24/7.

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